About Us

History of PetConnect Rescue

PetConnect Rescue was founded in 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and has evolved into a vibrant animal rescue organization. Our mission is to save the lives of abandoned dogs and cats and place them in loving and permanent homes. Each day, we respond to desperate email and phone pleas to rescue dogs and cats imminently slated for euthanasia. We pull these animals into rescue from over-extended shelters between Maryland and Georgia. PetConnect Rescue is a non breed-specific organization and we are committed to stepping forward whenever we can and wherever there is the greatest need. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

PetConnect Rescue arranges and pays for medical services ranging from routine treatments, such as vaccinations and blood tests, to treating serious medical conditions such as broken bones. All PetConnect Rescue animals are spayed or neutered to help decrease the terrible problem of pet overpopulation.

The rescues that come into our care are primarily placed in foster homes, although some are boarded with reputable kennels or at vet practices. Our foster volunteers provide loving care and socialization for these animals while they await their forever homes. Thanks to donation drives we are able to pass on supplies to our foster families such as crates, food, collars, toys, bedding etc.

PetConnect Mission Statement

PetConnect Rescue is an animal welfare organization dedicated to saving dogs and cats at high risk of euthanasia. Our compassionate volunteers and staff find loving homes for all the animals that come into our care and provide ongoing support throughout the adoption process and beyond. ​We are committed to ensuring a highly positive rescue experience for our adopters and to raising awareness of the plight of abandoned animals through community education.

Board Members

Lizette Chanock
Founder & Member
Katie Buckner
Lyn Rales
Vice President
Liz Purcell
Ginny Faucette
Barbara Kertess
Carole Dell
France Bognon
MJ Jaffee
Diane Wood
Wendy Grubbs


Catherine Edwards
Executive Director
Tammy Mathis
Director of Dog Operations for Muddy Paws Farm
Robyn Buchsbaum
Development & Special Events Coordinator