Recurring Donations

$10 on the 10th Monthly Recurring Donations

Ten dollars may not seem like a lot of money nowadays, but it can certainly add up. What you might spend on something as simple as two cups of coffee from Starbucks or your favorite ice cream can help animals in need. We are hoping that some of our wonderful supporters will be willing to commit to a recurring donation of just $10 per month. It is an easy way to remember PetConnect Rescue’s animals. Your $10 will help pay for rescue expenses that include animal supplies like 2 puppy collars, a leash, a flea & tick preventative, 10 ID tags, a bag of kitty litter or medical vetting as well as basic operating costs. Imagine if everyone gave $10 per month!

You can either set up a monthly recurring donation through our donation page (or any other amount and schedule that you would like) or give when you can! We hope that we can rely on you!

To set up your recurring donation, click below.


 Thank you for your support!