“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

“Pave The Way” at Muddy Paws Farm…

Trying to find a way to honor a beloved pet?  “Pave the Way” Memorial Bricks are a beautiful and special opportunity to do just that.

Muddy Paws Farm is a refuge for homeless dogs on their path to new, loving, forever homes. This beautiful, 5-acre property, located in Mt. Airy, MD, is currently a way station for some of PetConnect Rescue’s dogs who are arriving from shelters. To learn more click here.

At Muddy Paws Farm, there is a beautiful brick patio with a pergola, providing shade for the animals and their human friends. We would like now to offer you a way to permanently leave your mark on Muddy Paws Farm. The patio is made of engraved bricks that can be personalized by you!

For $125, you have a choice of three lines of text OR one of the graphics below with two lines of text. Each line of text may have up to 15 letters, spaces or numbers. This is a great way to memorialize a loved one, advertise a business, or just show your support to PetConnect Rescue and Muddy Paws Farm.

Here are the standard graphic choices available for the bricks:


Custom graphics are also available at an additional change. For more information and pricing on custom graphics, please email us.

Ready to Pave the Way?