Owner Surrender

Petconnect Rescue receives many inquiries each week regarding people who need to or want to surrender their cat or dog. Volunteer rescue organizations such as ours, cannot take in unwanted pets unnecessarily. We have a limited budget and small number of available foster homes to care for these animals until a home is found. Our first priority is to help rescue animals who are in impending danger and have already found themselves in a high kill shelter. This is our mission.

From time to time though, if the condition is right, we can help out an owner who needs to surrender and rehome their pet.

To determine whether we can assist in an owner surrender situation we need as much information from the current owner as possible. Please submit a write up about the animal, including the answers to the questions listed below. Pictures are also helpful. All information can be emailed to: info@petconnectrescue.org

Pet’s Name:






Why are you giving the pet up?

How long have you had your pet?

Any aggression issues: food, people, other animals?

How is your pet with dogs?

With cats?

With kids?

How much exercise does your pet get a day?

Any health issues? Are they utd on vaccines, spayed or neutered?

Dog specific questions:

Does your dog let you take food/treats/toys away from him/her?

Is your dog completely housetrained?

Is your dog crate trained?

How many hours each day on average has your dog been crated?

How is your dog walking on the leash?

Does your dog have any behavioral issues like separation anxiety or phobias?

Does your dog know basic commands like “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “down”?

Have you ever taken an obedience course with your dog?

What’s your dog energy level?

Cat specific questions:

Does your cat always use the litter box?

Are they declawed?