PCR’s Founder, Lizette Chanock, Meets Yu Darvish!

Yu Darvish - Check Presentation

We are delighted to announce that Yu Darvish, star pitcher for the Texas Rangers and true friend to the animals, has made a most generous donation to PetConnect Rescue. Our founder, Lizette Chanock, was flown to Dallas to officially accept the check on the field on September 6, 2014 (pictured above).  To show our appreciation, Lizette presented Yu Darvish with a wonderful, personalized book of saved and adopted PetConnect Rescue animals as well as a PCR sweatshirt from all of us.


This last spring, we dedicated an entire family of dogs in his honor by giving them all baseball related names, including one lucky pup with his name.  The Baseball Bunch were Coach (momma dog – pictured left), Darvish (pictured right), Diamond, Doubleplay, Dugout, Lefty, Shortstop, Slider, Slugger, and Tater (pictured center).

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Thank you once again to Yu Darvish for his extraordinary generosity!

Time for all PCR animal lovers to also become Rangers fans!