Blackie is the envy of all the neighborhood dogs!  His mom writes, “I spotted Blackie on Petfinder, and although he didn’t possess that “AKC Border Collie look” I like, something about him spoke to me.  My sister said, “put in an app.”  Blackie became Kashmir, honoring my previous BC Zeppelin. Kashmir easily adapted to life in Pennsylvania.  I don’t know if he saw much snow in South Carolina, but he became enthralled with it here.  He loved the snow “mountains” I shoveled for him after each storm.  Although housebroken, Kashmir knew no commands.  Smart as a whip, he knows them now.  And he’s finally accepted all of my relatives and their dogs.  He loves his canine brother Mojo but not his feline siblings.  Poor cats have been relegated to the basement; maybe someday Kashmir will mellow. He loves toys, particularly Nylabones.  If he’s not asleep, Kashmir has a toy in his mouth.  And he also loves to run.  He runs from one end of my yard to the other…at top notch speed.  He used to stick to the perimeter, but no longer.  He’s becoming quite at ease with his surroundings.  We’ve recently started agility, and he’s really enjoying himself.

Coolest thing, he is my first snuggle bug.  Kashmir will curl up on my side as I watch TV, but sometimes he just likes to sprawl across my body instead.  Thank goodness, he only weighs 35 pounds.  Absolutely love this dog!  The connection between us continues to awe me.  Thank you, PetConnect!”