Dublin has it all: a family who adores him, a yard to romp in and a “brother” to play with.  His mom writes, “We wanted to let you know how great Dublin is doing since we adopted him 6 months ago.  He was quite shy and scared when we brought him home, but has blossomed into a happy, friendly, and curious guy! He is adored by our 10 year old son and sleeps in his bed with him. Dublin also gets along well with our 15 year old cat, Felix (who also happens to be black and white). Dublin’s favorite activities are chewing and tossing his toys (and my shoes!), and running full speed in our backyard.  When he is happy to see us, his entire body wags! He is now tipping the scales at 80 pounds! He LOVES visiting with his foster family (Bevin) and their dog, Brenna, who acts as his canine “mother.”