Elvis is now Woody. His new dad writes that, “Woody is affectionate with everyone in the family and is always trying to snuggle up to someone on the sofa when it’s family time. He is a quiet household member who is happiest when his warm body is next to ours and his soft head and ears are being caressed. When we take him outside for walks he turns into a fast-moving hound, who loves the companionship of other dogs, playing like a puppy with all the canines he meets. He is curious and intelligent and most of all he wants to be a member of the family. Patty takes him to her office where young kids come in for evaluations; the kids, as well as their parents, are typically anxious when at the office, but Woody greets everyone at the door and the kids relax when they meet him. Some have asked to come back just to visit with him. What sums up Woody best for us is a quote from a young boy at the office. When the boy said he wanted a dog, Patty asked him what type of dog would he would like to get. The boy replied, ‘A dog just like Woody.'”