Gator was adopted by a family in Laytonsville with five kids and two other dogs. His new mom writes: “Who would’ve never known that a pup named Gator (Theo) would wiggle his way into our hearts. Earlier this month, our family lost our dear Shepherd mix. We knew we would never replace Doodles, but we wanted to find a pup that would bring the joy back into our other pups and us. Our family does a lot of volunteer work in and around the DC Metro area, from helping the homeless to working with kids with special needs. We wanted to find a pup that we could train to join us in our volunteer work, from allowing children to read to them around the community to visiting nursing homes. I did a Google search online and found PetConnect Rescue, after reading all the pups bios and information, our family decided to put in an application. The meaning of Theo is Gift of God, he’s perfect and knew his was our special gift and he was definitely taken care by some special people. Thank you to our foster moms and volunteers for helping bring Theo into our lives and we look forward in being a part of the PetConnect Family for a very long time.”