From Gucci’s new mom: “Gucci is now named Zoey. We fell in love with Zoey right when we saw her and knew she was meant for us. She’s been a part of our family for 3 1/2 weeks now and she just turned 3 months old. Zoey is absolutely adorable, lovey and smart! She learned the command “sit” after the first day we had her and she now knows what the words ‘stay,’ ‘outside,’ ‘potty’ and ‘fetch’ mean. We’re still working on “personal space” between her and our two cats but she’s getting better about it every day. Luckily our cats are patient…and well, have a high place to jump to! Having a young puppy definitely is trying but she learns so quickly and we learn so much from her as well. Basically, Zoey just puts a huge smile on our faces every day. We love our new addition to the family!”