Harley & Kosmo

We always say, the only thing better than one PCR dog is two! Harley & Kosmo are loving life! Their mom writes, “Harley (we kept name since it fit so well for her) on the left, and Kosmo (former PCR on the right) chilling after a long, long day of playing. They are so happy together, they wake up, go outside to take care of business, eat, then play, play, play and then nap. Rinse and repeat several times a day! When we were ready for a new addition, and the calls from the hurricanes came, we saw her patch eye online and fell in love! The meet and greet between Kosmo and Harley was a perfect match from the time they put their noses together. They are in a great Bethesda neighborhood with many other dog playmates, many of whom are rescues themselves. They have 2 cat sisters (Cece and Rooney, also rescues). There hasn’t been a lot of interaction but they are getting used to seeing one another. The kids can’t help but play and watch the puppy antics in the house and out back. Harley is so smart and knows how to get what she wants – treats, walks, and play. We can’t imagine our family without her!”