Jack is settling in beautifully with his new family!  His family writes, “We brought Jack home on 2/23/2020 and he has brought so much joy to our life and new home. At first he was a little shy of humans but that’s mostly gone now. Once everyone he met gave him a little kibble he started warming up to people. We kept the name Jack, it seems to fit him well. Jack is in suburb heaven in  Maryland. He loves walking around the neighborhood and going to the dog park. We’re a couple in our 30’s with no children and no other pets. Now we have Jack. The ball chasing, frisbee destroying, pup of our dreams. He loves to play catch, fetch, training games… really any sort of attention when he’s not sleeping. Jack is a great addition to our little family.  We’re so thankful for the folks with Pet Connect Rescue for introducing Jack into our lives.”