Sammy’s new mom writes: “Sammy has definitely settled in and knows that he has found his home 🙂 He is very happy and so adorable. We started training a couple weeks ago and he is doing very good with the one on one commands with me. He has a ton of energy and likes going for runs with me then relaxing afterward. He loves his bully sticks on the weekends when his mom needs to keep him occupied to get stuff done around the house :). We love throwing the squeaky toys around and he somehow manages to sprint 100 miles an hour around the house and up/down the stairs without ever crashing into anything. haha! He sure is a cutie and i love him very much! Oh-and he definitely loves to be petted. As soon as i pet him he stops whetever he is doing and just melts. He is definitely a part of my family now that I can’t imagine life without him.”