Spirit is now called Champ. His new human brother had to write an essay for school about an experience that caused him to discover something about himself. The following is an excerpt. “I discovered two things: a whole new meaning of responsibility and a whole new meaning to loyalty and friendship. There are so many more chores and/or tasks that I have to do because of the dog. Feed him, change his water, pick up poop, take him out back, pet him and play with him, which isn’t so much of a chore. It’s all worth it, however, for that cute gold and white face. Those beautiful eyes that look so innocent. The big, golden body that’s faster up the stairs than anything I’ve ever seen. The dog that loves people and always scratches your chest and arms when trying to hug and kiss you. That’s my dog, Champ. He’s the best, that’s all I can say. The best in the world.”