Zeke, now Finn, is growing up quickly!  His mom writes, “Finn is now 11 weeks and has done an amazing job adjusting to his new home!  He is a very quick learner and already knows how to sit, stay, shake and responds when we call him!  His favorite toy is a stuffed lamb that he has already de-fluffed and de-squeaked, but it is still his favorite!  He loves his fur brother, our senior dog Memphis. They snuggle together for nap time.  He also LOVES our cats, although they are still adjusting to a bigger and quicker dog. Finn is adjusting to all the noises and animals outside, but he is getting braver every day.  The birds are OK now and deer are sort of OK, but it is the frogs and crickets at night that get him!  We are so thankful that Finn is a part of our family!  He is a well loved and happy boy!  Thank you for all you did to make Finn a part of our lives!”