PCR Kids Club

“Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.” – John Muir

Welcome to the Pet Connect Rescue (PCR) Kids Club! It is awesome that you are interested in helping us rescue dogs and cats that because of being abandoned may have otherwise been euthanized at the high kill shelters with whom we work.

We have many adults who are dedicated volunteers helping with rescue efforts, and we are thrilled to have kids join us! One of our primary goals is to help raise money for Pet Connect Rescue while spreading the word of the great work we do in saving animals and finding them their “forever homes”.   Because kids under 18 cannot handle our dogs at adoption events, the club will find other fun ways for kids to help save lives.

One of our projects is to come up with a PCR Kids Club Logo based on our current logo which you will find at the top of the page.

We will be holding a contest to come up with this new logo design. The prize will be a gift card to a local pet store!  This design will be imprinted on T-Shirts that folks can buy and wear at PCR events such as adoption fairs, Dog Washes, Bake Sales, Walk-a-Thons, etc.  Hopefully you will enter this exciting contest! Please spread the word about our PCR Kids’ Club and the contest.

We also have a great book list about stories of animals and rescue work. Kids’ Reading List (click here).

Here are more fun ways to be involved with our PCR Kids Club…

  • SUPPLY DRIVES at your school, church/synagogue/mosque, Boy/Girl Scouts club, etc:

You and your friends could also do a more in depth drive by dropping off bags to a specific neighborhood including a list of desired items with instructions that the group will be back by for pick up one week later.


To start you off, you are going to need….

  • 2 people to wash
  • 2 people to dry
  • 2 people to work out front collecting money and creating a queue

It is best to have at least 20 volunteers to divide up by shifts.

We usually charge $20/wash. We will invite all dogs to come get a bath, including PCR dogs who are in foster care. Will need many towels and doggie shampoo and access to water.

Other ways to help

  • Bake Sales – at your school, church/synagogue/mosque, or at an adoption event.
  • Lemonade Sale
  • Bake doggie treats
  • Contact us with one of your own great ideas!

For more information: Janet @ jschultz521@gmail.com