Eclipse and Esme

Eclipse, now known as “Yogi Bear”, has found his forever home with a lover of fluffy cats! It only took a day for them to realize that they needed Eclipse’s sister Esme as part of their family, too! Now they are home-at-last, together. Their new mom tells us, “Sometimes Bernie and Yogi (we called him Yogi Bear) lay next to each other and sort of play patty-cake with each other. Then they get carried away and Bernie starts batting harder, then Yogi quits. They have quite a few games like that. They aren’t quite FRIENDS yet, but when they get into different rooms, one will meow so that the other can find him, so I think they sort of like each other but don’t want to admit it yet. They eat and take baths together and use each other’s litter boxes.” Congratulations to all!