Our “Home At Last” Success Stories

These photos tell the stories of the many wonderful dogs and cats that have been rescued through PetConnect Rescue and are “Home At Last”. We invite you to see what can really happen when people come together to save animals in need. We extend our profuse thanks to all the wonderful people who have adopted these animals and given them loving homes. We hope that they are bringing as much joy to your lives as you have brought to theirs.


Look who is in his furever home — sweet Roscoe! He will have endless fun playing and getting into mischief with his 2-legged siblings and always having a lap to …Read More

Rocking Joni and Rocking Janis

Rocking Joni & Rocking Janis, now Pebbles and BamBam, have found their happily-ever-after together! Their family writes, “We are loving them and they fit right in!”

Koko and Buster

Koko and Buster have found their happily-ever-after together! Their family writes, “Things are great and they are adjusting very well. My children are in love!”

Julia and Sloane

Julia and Sloane, now Jules and Callie, found their happily-ever-after together!  With 2 human “sisters,” these kitties will never be lacking a playmate or cuddle buddy!


Luna is happy as can be with her new family!  Her family writes, “Luna is the sweetest kitten who loves to cuddle when she isn’t running around like crazy! She …Read More


As you can see, Beans is quite content in her forever home. Sunbeams and a family that adores her! What else could a girl want?


Lily is loving life in her new home!  Her family writes, “Lily is a ball of energy and doesn’t hold back on demanding pets and food. She is easily entertained …Read More


Vinny is loving life with his new family! His dad writes, “Vinny is settling in quite well to his new home and quickly becoming part of the family. He is …Read More


Felix, now Franklin or Frankie, is loving life with his new family.  His mom writes, “He has been fitting right in with his big brother, Louie! Louie was a little …Read More

Leo and Lucky

Leo & Lucky found their happily-ever-after together!  Their family reports, “Leo and Lucky are adjusting well and are super affectionate and friendly.”