Our “Home At Last” Success Stories

These photos tell the stories of the many wonderful dogs and cats that have been rescued through PetConnect Rescue and are “Home At Last”. We invite you to see what can really happen when people come together to save animals in need. We extend our profuse thanks to all the wonderful people who have adopted these animals and given them loving homes. We hope that they are bringing as much joy to your lives as you have brought to theirs.

Breakfast Club’s Toast

Breakfast Club’s Toast, now Toast, is settling in beautifully with his new family.  His family writes, “Toast is doing great! He’s the sweetest, cuddliest baby I’ve ever met. I’ve never …Read More


Emma has found her happily-ever-after! Her family writes, “Emma is sweet, spunky girl who loves to play. She has adjusted well to her new home, and we feel lucky to …Read More


Pepper is loving life in her new home.  She has a canine sibling to play with and a family that adores her!


Giselle, now Sasha, is enjoying her forever home!  Her family writes, “Our kitten is the perfect fit for our family, and she’s already shown her brothers – two toy poodles …Read More

Eddie and Edwin

Baxter (Eddie) and Benji (Edwin) are settling in nicely. They love to play together and have never spent a night not sleeping intertwined with each other.


Gracie is loving life with her new family!  Her family writes, “Gracie is doing great! She is a super sweet cat, very nice and loves to hang out!”


Earl is settling in beautifully with his new family!  His family writes, “Earl is such a wonderful little kitty and he fits right in with our 10-year-old named Oxford!”


Corn, now Otis, is enjoying life in his forever home!  His family writes, “He’s doing great, and we love having him in our family!”


Kiwi, formerly Ross, is loving life in his new home!  He spends his days lounging in sunbeams and playing with his feline siblings!  He has definitely found his happily-ever-after!

Logan & Levi

Logan and Levi, now Gandalf and Aslan, have found their happily-ever-after together!  Not only do they have each other, they have human siblings to play and snuggle with!  Congratulations!