Felix, now Max, is loving life!  His family writes, “Max (formerly Felix) and I have been together for two months.  He is delightful! I had been looking for a medium sized rescue (my 15 year old shepherd lab mix had passed away in November) and doing a lot of searches, and unexpectedly I came across 15 pound Max at an event and fell in love. He is a snuggle bug! He is smart, loveable and sassy.  He has adapted to his new home and neighborhood and is becoming a very social and friendly pup thanks to Geraldine and her sound socialization training strategies.  He is fascinated by the squirrels and birds he sees on our daily walks.  The neighborhood children absolutely love and spoil Max with petting.  Max seemed well trained from the start, so I give credit whoever had him before he became a stray.  He easily learned sit and stay and he waits patiently for me to wake up in the morning.  He plays an awesome game of fetch in the house and enjoys mixing it up with a variety of soft, squeaky toys.  So quiet around the house at times, that I have to go looking for him. I often find him snuggled in a stack of pillows or a blanket. He is definitely a lap dog and I love that about him. He sits and sleeps on me while I am reading and at night he snuggles right in bed. I am deeply appreciative to foster parents Kim and Crystal for their support once I brought Max home. Rescue pets have special needs and require patience, but every minute has been rewarding. Max is truly home at last and my heart is full.  Thank you, PetConnect!