Jasmine (now Firefly) is one happy kitten. Her mom tells us: “We are completely in love with our cat, who we renamed Firefly, or Fifi for short. She’s proven to be outgoing, adventurous, and vocal, but also extremely snuggly and affectionate… Her favorite things are chasing her balls, especially if we roll them into a reusable grocery bag. Then she loves attacking the bag and trying to get the ball out. She is also a big fan of her cat tree, where she likes to scratch and observe the world from her perch. She also enjoys sitting in the window, and snuggling her humans, especially in blankets…If we ever adopt another pet, we’d definitely return to your organization. Being able to meet her foster parents and see how she acted in a home environment was so helpful for us in getting to know her and finding out what she liked.