Our “Home At Last” Success Stories

These photos tell the stories of the many wonderful dogs and cats that have been rescued through PetConnect Rescue and are “Home At Last”. We invite you to see what can really happen when people come together to save animals in need. We extend our profuse thanks to all the wonderful people who have adopted these animals and given them loving homes. We hope that they are bringing as much joy to your lives as you have brought to theirs.

Chai & Churro

Chai and Churro are quite content in their forever home! Their family writes, “Chai and Churro (whom my children named Figaro or “Fig” for short). They have fully integrated into our household, love playing with our older cat, Brando, and bossing around our dog, Willow! Willow is thrilled to have another creature to sniff and …Read More


Jake is loving life and his new family which includes another PCR kitty! His mom writes, “Jake settled into our home and family so quickly it’s like he’s always been here. He’s very sweet and frisky, and everyone loves him. He’s our second PetConnect Rescue kitty, and we continue to be very impressed with your …Read More


Boyfriend, now Bentley, is enjoying the good life in his forever home!  His mom writes, “We renamed Boyfriend “Bentley” or in endearment “Bentley Bear.” He is unusually eager to please and very attentive to our reactions. He is perfect for our household.  We truly adore Bentley and find so much joy in seeing him adapt to us and …Read More


Dart, now Rocco, has most definitely found his happily-ever-after.  His family writes, “We have been so pleased with our adoption through PCR and their help finding us our new puppy, Rocco. Rocco is settling in nicely with our cats in Lovettsville, VA. My husband, myself and children absolutely adore this little guy.  We received a …Read More


Jetta, now Kenai, is loving her new family and her toys! Her family reports, ” Jetta (we have renamed her Kenai-pronounced Keen-eye, after the Kenai peninsula of Alaska) is doing great in her new home. She was a little unsure of her new surroundings the first couple of days but that has quickly changed and …Read More


Squeaks is loving her new family!  Her mom writes, “Squeaks is an easy-going and playful kitten that seems to be adjusting well to her new home. She has brought so much joy into our lives, especially during these strange times, and I am so glad that we brought her into our family!”


Jack is settling in beautifully with his new family!  His family writes, “We brought Jack home on 2/23/2020 and he has brought so much joy to our life and new home. At first he was a little shy of humans but that’s mostly gone now. Once everyone he met gave him a little kibble he …Read More


Zeke, now Finn, is growing up quickly!  His mom writes, “Finn is now 11 weeks and has done an amazing job adjusting to his new home!  He is a very quick learner and already knows how to sit, stay, shake and responds when we call him!  His favorite toy is a stuffed lamb that he …Read More


Oaklee, now Dasha is enjoying the view from her forever home!  Her family writes, “Oaklee is renamed Dasha because she’s always dashing around the house and because we’ve been ordering a lot of DoorDash delivery food, during the COVID-19 period when she came to us. We love having her as a new member of our …Read More

Penny & Sheldon

Penny & Sheldon have found their happily-ever-after! As you can see, they are loving life & one another. Their mom writes, “They have moved right in and are the center of the family! We love them!”