Our “Home At Last” Success Stories

These photos tell the stories of the many wonderful dogs and cats that have been rescued through PetConnect Rescue and are “Home At Last”. We invite you to see what can really happen when people come together to save animals in need. We extend our profuse thanks to all the wonderful people who have adopted these animals and given them loving homes. We hope that they are bringing as much joy to your lives as you have brought to theirs.


Alice, now Hazel, is loving life.  Her mom writes, “I have loved having Alice (now named Hazel) in my life! She is the greatest kitty I could’ve asked for, with her main goal in life to just show you how much she loves you. As you can see, she is super cute and continues to …Read More

Salt & Onion

Adopted together, brothers Scooter and Rocket, formerly Salt and Onion, are loving life! Their mom writes, “We can’t imagine life without these two boys, Scooter and Rocket. It has been a year and we grow more in love each day!!”


What’s better than one PetConnect kitty?  Two, of course! Berlioz has a wonderful new family that includes PCR alum, Nigel!  His family writes, “Well, we’re so in love that we can’t imagine ever giving up this kitten. We had a full day yesterday of cats roaming free and even if it never got more friendly …Read More


We recently got an update on Louis (formerly Garfield – adopted in 2014) from his mom.  “Regarding Garfield, that was a very suitable name for him. However, we call him Louis after Inspector Louis because he inspects everything new he encounters. We love him very much and he gets along very well with our Golden …Read More

Katie’s Alabama

Katie’s Alabama, now Skittles, is loving life!  With human and canine siblings, this kitty is in for a life packed with love and lots of fun!  His mom writes, “We absolutely adore Skittles, aka Skitty, (formerly Katie’s Alabama) and he is the perfect little kid cat!!  He is well loved!”


A trip to Pet Valu led to this beauty finding her forever home!  Her mom writes, “We are absolutely in love with Sunset!  She is so sweet and always wants to be with us. I’m so happy I went by the Pet Valu that day!  We are so glad she is part of our family.”


Suzy has found a family that adores her.  Her mom writes, “Suzy is doing great!  We all love her so much.  She is so playful and fun to watch.” Congratulations, Suzy!


Felix, now Lynxy, is loving life with his new family.  His mom writes, “I am in love with him! We were going to change his name to Happy because he is happy and purring most of the time, but he gets really wild in the evenings. I read that their closest wild ancestor is the …Read More


Phoebe, now Tessi, has found her happily ever after! Her mom writes, “Tessi is settling into our family wonderfully and we could not be happier. She and Bailey are bonding and beginning to play together. Thank you so much for bringing Tessi into our family.” Congratulations!


Yasmin, now Pip, is loving life in her new home. With both human and feline “siblings,” she’s sure to get plenty of cuddles and play time!  We’re so pleased that she has found her happily ever after!