Sparky, now Sukha, has most definitely found his happily-ever-after!  His mom writes, “Sukha (AKA Sparky) has been in his new home in Annapolis for about a month. His new name, Sukha, means happiness in Sanskrit, which describes him perfectly. He is a cute, sweet, happy boy. He is growing fast and will probably be a bit larger than initially thought. His best guess breed was Cattle Dog and Terrier, but DNA testing found him to be a mix of Pit Bull, Labrador retriever, German Shepherd, Boxer, Rottweiler, and Great Pyrenees, plus “super mutt.” Sukha really wants to hang out with his three cat sisters, but they are taking it slowly (showing curiosity with some distance). Sukha hasn’t seen a toy he doesn’t like; he likes having a selection so he can pick just the right one for the moment. He has started obedience training and is doing well learning his big boy manners; he loves going to the dog park where he can play with other dogs and humans.”