I wanted to write to you all and thank you for bringing us Allie. We renamed her Luna because she came to us on the day of a full moon. She is an absolute love and we are all so very happy!!  Since moving in she has been an absolute dream. So sweet, so affectionate and so well  mannered. My husband, our son Jack, and I live in Potomac Maryland. We back up to a county park and take daily hikes through the trails.  We can’t wait to explore lots great places with her. We don’t have any other pets in the house. We lost our beloved Lex in Oct. she was an amazing girl and 14 when she died. We were ready for a new pup to share our lives with.  Right now she seems to like her Kong. She won’t come up the steps. She wants to but she’s just not comfortable yet or she never had steps before.  We are just so happy and in love!! What you can’t see in these pictures is her tail is constantly wagging she’s so happy!! We can’t thank you again for bringing her to us we love her!!