Martingale/No-slip Collars

Martingale collars are escape-proof nylon collars that tighten as dogs pull.  If a dog spooks and tries to back out of the collar, it will tighten, and the dog will stay securely with the dog’s handler. These types of collars are becoming more and more popular because they have proven to be more reliable in terms of escapes versus buckle or flat type collars which can break or slip over a dog’s head. Please consider purchasing one for your dog. You can find them at Petsmart, Petco, other pet supply stores, as well as online.


Left: Martingale collar.  Notice that it has an extra nylon loop, to which a leash will attach.  As the dog walks, the loop tightens, preventing dogs from spooking and escaping.

Right:  This is a typical flat collar. With this type of collar, it is the same tightness all the time, so if a dog were to spook while wearing this type of collar, they could pull out of it and escape.

All dogs’ collars should fit snugly, so that no more than two fingers can fit between the collar and the dog’s neck.  If the collar seems too tight, it is probably just right.