One of our rescued New Orleans dogs has found a home. According to her new mom: “Bella, AKA Nola (renamed) is doing very well. Our cats are starting to adjust a little…they are still not thrilled, but they tolerate her and she really is respectful of their space. She has tried to chase them a little, but I am sure she will soon learn that it won’t fly with them! I returned the crate I bought for her since she just about killed herself trying to get out of it. So far, she is doing well when given run of the house, although we have not been gone for longer than 3 hours at a time. She has been absolutely wonderful…the most gentle soul…and man is she lazy when in the house! She is like a big cat! When outside, she loves to run after tennis balls and footballs, and we try to walk her twice a day. The kids just love her and she is so gentle and patient with them! she has been a wonderful addition to the family! I have attached a photo for you from last weekend….she seems to be fitting in!”