Big Bruno

Big Bruno has found a wonderful family!  His mom writes, “Bruno is adjusting well and is extremely happy.  We only first met Bruno this past Saturday, quite by accident.  I was 100% set on adopting a real baby puppy (in the weeks old category) and we had a meet and greet with a litter of Boxer puppies scheduled for Saturday afternoon.  My husband saw that you were having an adoption event Saturday morning and he saw Baby Maxwell on your website and wanted me to go see what he was like.  So I went down and found out that Max was being adopted that day and I looked down and there were these big brown eyes just looking up at me.  That was it – I had my husband and son come down to meet Bruno and we all fell in love.  We went to our puppy meet and greet, because we had committed to do so, but our hearts were already taken!  So far Bruno has enjoyed many long walks and playing in the  backyard.  He has a giant red Kong ball that has a handle and he just runs around in circles holding this thing in his mouth.  It is adorable!  He also got to experience his first snow yesterday.  We took a long snow walk and then he played with my son in the backyard in it.  He definitely loves it!  We couldn’t be happier with our new family member!”