“I wanted to e-mail you and let you know how Hendrix (formerly known as ‘Bo’) is doing. First and foremost, let me say that we could not be any happier! The first couple weeks were a bit rough, but after some unconditional love and adjustment, he is a regular old goofy happy guy.He still loves his cuddles and thinks he’s a 10lb lap dog. My roommates and I are always joking about how ‘rubber’ he is, as he always wants to lay in your lap belly up and have you play with his paws. He is still a bit wary of men, but is curious about everyone and will readily let others pet him. This aversion is improving every day, and he even let a guy at the dog park pet him on the top of his head yesterday! We go to the dog park almost every day, and he is a local celebrity there because of his wonderfully calm and balanced demeanor. He gets along fantastically with all the other dogs, although he is super picky about who he will run around and play with. Hendrix is an extremely smart boy and knows a whole slew of tricks including: sit, stay, down, beg, paw, jump, and play dead. Right now, we’re working on him jumping into my arms on command and he’s almost got it! He is such a fantastic and loyal dog, and so happy!”