Dawn’s new mom writes: “Dawn was briefly named Isabella, and is now known as Daisy. She has warmed up quickly – at first she refused to come out of her kennel (it’s in our kitchen) except to play with my mom’s Weimaraner. She clearly was raised with a dog family instead of a human family! She loves to be in the company of other dogs. She loves her kids, though, too, and sleeps on my little girl’s bed every night. They share a pillow. She took a while to learn dinner manners; she really wanted to be standing in the middle of the table at first. She’s much better now, doesn’t beg, just plants herself beside our toddler’s highchair because that’s where all of the good yummies fall from. She loves to go for walks and has learned to love the snow. She snowplows with her nose. She gets annoyed when the cats won’t play with her – our cats are especially lazy, and she wants to zip around with them.. She knows sit, down, and sometimes stay. Her only shortcoming is her taste for shoes. She is obsessed with them – mostly she just takes them to her kennel and lays on them, but this morning she ate the zipper off my daughter’s boot! I’m hoping this helps our kids learn to quit leaving their shoes everywhere. I get home from work and find that the kids have hidden our shoes in all sorts of places to keep them away from Daisy!  My husband and I really are impressed at how effective PetConnect is. “