Delilah was one of our Special Appeal animals. Hit by a car and left for dead, she was rescued from the roadside by an angel named Karla. One of Karla’s friends ultimately adopted Delilah. She wrote, “I just wanted to let you know that we decided to rename our girl Rosie. When we got home yesterday, she gobbled up her food and immediately fell asleep on my bed. She was out like a light all night. Today, she hasn’t left my side except when I went out to buy her a new collar. When I got home, it was as if she knew I had bought her something. She saw her collar and was so excited to have me put it on her that she pinned me on the couch and licked my entire face. She’s getting along great with the other kids, Otis and Feather, as well. I spoke with Karla today and she is so excited that she will be able to see Rosie again. She really seems to have made a lasting impression on everyone she has met. I know she’s had a rough road the last few weeks. But rest assured that she is doing well and I will see to it that she has a great home. Thank you again! You have my undying gratitude and you have no idea how happy you have made my family!!”