Faith, now Maggie Mae, has touched many hearts in her forever home.  Her mom writes, “Maggie Mae, formerly Faith, has come a long way, first time we took her to a neighbors pond, she just stood there looking at the water. Now, she can’t get out of the truck fast enough, runs and jumps in, retrieving balls and or sticks. Our whole family is in love with Maggie. From our 2 great nieces, to Mike’s Mom, suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Maggie has a very calming effect on Jane, when we visit. She’ll just walk up to Jane and smile (she really does smile), everything is fine then. Mike fixes her food in the crock pot, chicken, hamburger, deer meat, whatever, rice, sweet potato’s, beans. peas. This summer we 3 will load up and drive cross country to Montana. Lots of adventures along the way, she loves to ride in the Buick. Nice big back seat, low so she can just step inside. We haven’t shown her the ‘Pod’ Camper yet. Just big enough for the 3 of us – she in the middle of course.  Maggie has helped us so much.  Our rescue Lab, Mystery died 2-2-17.  We were so lost, friends told us we needed to honor Mystery by rescuing another Lab. Same friends helped us find PetConnect Rescue.  On 2-10, we met “Faith” now Maggie Mae. Maggie climbed out of the back seat and it was love at first sight, such a sweet girl. We can never thank Marny, her foster mom, for fostering our Maggie Mae for 6 months. Or, how to thank all the good people at PetConnect Rescue.  Thank You all, we are a pack once again.”