Flash, now Sammy, now lives in Frederick, MD and has two human siblings. Sammy’s mom writes, “Our family adopted “Flash” (now known as Sammy) last September. Sammy has been the perfect addition to our family. He is the cutest, funniest and sweetest puppy we’ve ever met. He loves his morning walks and chewing on all of his toys; especially the soup bones we buy for him at the grocery store. When Sammy moved in he was about 4 months old. He took to house training immediately. Our kids continued teaching him all sorts of tricks including, sit, down, “high five”, roll over, play dead, jump up and even to jump through hula hoops. He also continues to work very hard every day on stay and come. Sammy loves to play in our back yard, but when he is in the house he makes sure he is always in the same room as one of the family. One night he laid under our dinner table and made sure one part of his body was touching all four of us at all times.”