Goldie’s new mom writes, “Saturday will be 2 weeks that we have had Goldie. It seems like she has been with us for years! She is a wonderful and smart dog. We love her very much. She and Boo are playing well together. They can even roughhouse together. I’m trying to get video, but they always stop to see what Mommy is doing… :-/ It is also hard to get pics of them ’cause I can’t get them to stay still long enough. When you pay attention to Goldie, or look at her, she will drop what she is doing and come over to see what you want. She is a good dog! Something else Goldie does is get all of the toys out of the basket. You can pick them all up and 10 minutes later she has them scattered. She is just so happy about them. I’m glad that we found her, or she found us. She is a welcome addition to our family!”