Mara, now Maisey, is loving city life!  From her mom: One year ago this month I adopted Maisey, née Mara, from Pet Connect. After she recovered from her heartworm treatment she quickly settled into life as a city dog and we took advantage of a lot of the great things in the D.C. area. Things Maisey loves: the dog park, all the stores that offer dog treats to visitors, swimming in the Chesapeake, chasing geese, squirrels, rabbits, deer, cats and once a skunk, her dog friends and my (now her) couch. Things Maisey doesn’t like: trash trucks, dump trucks, the presidential helocopters that fly too low over the house, the bull mastiff that lives in the neighborhood and getting up early. She’s a huge hit with my family, friends and the neighbors and minus a few walks during the polar vortex, it’s been a great year and we’re looking forward to many more great years together. Thanks to everyone at Pet Connect for helping Maisey find her forever home and for helping me find a “forever” friend.