From Mikey’s new mom: “Mikey has now been with us for the better part of a year. It’s quite amazing how much attention he attracts, with people constantly asking about him when we are out and commenting on his great demeanor and cuteness. (We have even had people ask us what breed he is?! – that’s when we tell them there are hundreds of mix breeds just like Mikey just waiting to be adopted.) Although he is still quite mellow he does need a really good exercise session everyday and has no problem letting us know if it’s past time for his walk. He is so incredibly sweet and tolerant of children and their grabbing and poking hands. He allows all the neighborhood kids to pet and play with him and I have never seen him snap at anyone. Although like most dogs he has his quirks, we couldn’t have asked for a better dog for our family. In the words of our kids, “He’s the most interesting dog in the world.” Thanks again for rescuing him and not allowing such a great family dog to meet a terrible fate.”