Certain cats pick their rescuers, and that is exactly what little Millie did when she chose PCR rescuer Mallory at the shelter. Once Millie was in Mallory’s home, she made it clear she was there to stay. So, the question became, “how do we keep her in the family?” Luckily, Mallory’s father visits often and he fell in love with her. He too wanted to keep her close, so off she went to Georgia to live with Mallory’s grandparents. Bitsy, as she has been renamed, is now the queen of Yiayia and Papou’s apartment, with visitors from all over their assisted living facility. Bitsy’s current favorite sleeping spot is curled up like a scarf on Yiayia’s neck, and Yiayia couldn’t be happier! This little lady is right where she was meant to be!