Miracle’s story is certainly miraculous! The shelter called him (bonky) “Donkey” because he expressed affection with head butts (bonks). He was transported by a miracle woman who devotes her life to driving rescued animals (although she has sadly lost her home). Miracle instantly won over his foster mom who provided his new name and Miracle was the favorite 4-legged at the vet’s office. Miracle charmed his new humans when they met at the Kingsbrook Animal Hospital Open House and Adoption Event. Miraculously, another PetConnect cat foster is his new next-door-neighbor. In his new Frederick home, he staked out “his” space on the sofa and is getting along well with his cat siblings. Miracle’s adopters only adopt black cats because they know these cats wait the longest for adoption and are the most euthanized in shelters. Miracle is now called Silas and he is thoroughly enjoying his forever home and family. Silas is thankful for the 3-perch cat tree from where he and his housemates can enjoy the view knowing all is well and he is safely Home At Last.