Misty and Vicky

Misty and Vicky (now called Fluffy) are doing great with their new mom. She writes, “They have now ventured into all parts of the house and they have mastered all aspects of the two staircases, i.e., they will race (or chase) each other up and down both sets of stairs at a speed that sometimes scares me but they absolutely love it. At least each set of steps has a landing so if they “go for a tumble,” it won’t be too far. They also enjoy looking out the window or front door while I work in my study. But, OMG, did they ever love the snow! In spite of the fact that I shoveled parts of the deck and their grassy area, they went straight to the untouched snow to run around and play. They had a blast when the snow was still falling and new. The house-training has improved significantly with only a few accidents every so often. I thought I successfully trained them to “ring” a string of bells I hung on the door for them to let me know when they needed to go out to “do business” – I was so thrilled when they first started to “ring” it. However, I say successfully because what they learned was that whenever either one of them “rings the bell” they get to go outside and play!! The joke was certainly on me – they started to ring it every 20 minutes or whenever they got bored!”