We recently received an update from Mystique’s (now Tippy) adopters that we are delighted to share! Her adopters shared: “We have had her for one year as of the Memorial Day weekend. We are not at all sorry that we drove to Virginia to get her. She truly is our princess. We have never had a cat quite like her. She absolutely has to know where we are at all times and would rather be with us than the two boy cats. Mind you they all get along great and she has brought the kitten back out in the boys. Tippy sees to is they are going to play whether they want to or not. Her favorite things are her toys especially her go-cat-da-bird and plastic spiders. She stares us down until she gets her toys and then the entertainment is on. She purrs very quietly but licks us to death. We have never had a cat that licks so much and it is certainly her way of expressing her affection for us. She is truly something special and we are happy she is in our home as she brings much life into the house. You can always tell when she is on the move or about ready to get into something because she does that purr/chirp sound constantly.” Congratulations Tippy and a huge thank to her family for giving her a fantastic forever home!