Our “Home At Last” Success Stories

These photos tell the stories of the many wonderful dogs and cats that have been rescued through PetConnect Rescue and are “Home At Last”. We invite you to see what can really happen when people come together to save animals in need. We extend our profuse thanks to all the wonderful people who have adopted these animals and given them loving homes. We hope that they are bringing as much joy to your lives as you have brought to theirs.


Bobby (Sox), formerly Bruiser, is now living in Bowie, MD, with a young cat named Boots and a newly married couple in their new home. He and his kitty friend are having a blast exploring all of the empty packing boxes.


Charlie, formerly Sgt. Pepper, was named after Charlie Parker (aka Bird) because he is a chirpy little guy. He has moved in with a family in Bethesda, MD, who has 3 other cats. In this photo, Ernie is looking after Charlie as he checks out a new toy. His adoptive family loves him and Charlie …Read More

Oscar & Felix

Oscar and Felix (formerly known as Tiger and Phoenix) are very happy in their forever home! They have a windowed back porch from which they can observe the birds eating from birdfeeders (cat TV!) and their new owners provided them with heated beds and many other wonderful amenities. The two boys became great friends and …Read More


Inoura is now home in Reston, VA. She will be an only cat in a household that fell in love – first with her picture and then her personality. It is impossible to fall out of love with this little darling once you’ve taken to her, so she will have plenty of playtime and spoiling …Read More

Mal & Lister

Mal (top left) and Lister (bottom left) went home together to Baltimore, MD. Their new house was completely outfitted with cat toys, carpet structures and other fun stuff in anticipation of their arrival. One of their new humans will be home most of the time, and they are looking forward to the constant attention.

Liger & Kochanski

Liger (top left) and Kochanski (bottom left) went home together to Rockville, MD, to a home with 3 kids who are incredibly excited to have them. The family did lots of research and visited with many kitties before deciding these were the right match for them. On the day they picked up their new family …Read More


Tigger is home now in Bethesda, MD, with a very sweet couple who are happy to have him explore and take over their house. He is planning to grow into his paw size some day, and looks forward to monopolizing the human attention. Tigger will also be happy to nap without his siblings climbing all …Read More


After his rescue from a SC shelter, Louis spent over 13 hours in a transport carrier en route to Maryland. He then stayed in his foster home for almost 8 months. Being the super “chill” guy he is, Louis took it all in stride. He must have known all along that the perfect adopters would …Read More


Garfield passed away while in the care of his loving foster home. May his brave little soul rest in peace.


JoJo (formerly Raja) now lives with a family of 5 humans and their 2 dogs in Potomac, MD. She “belongs” to one of the daughters, but she thinks she belongs to the dogs. The day after she was adopted, JoJo was cuddled up with them. JoJo is very happy and is sure to receive plenty …Read More