Pip and Jerry

This brother and sister pair were lucky enough to find a forever home together! Their new family writes,”I wanted to thank you again for helping us find TWO new members of our family! Pip, who we named “Mia” and Jerry, who we named “Miles,” are settling in wonderfully in their new home. Our oldest cat, Gabby, barely pays them any mind. She’s a very peaceful soul. Our “big boy” Montana is as curious as he can be, but the kittens aren’t quite ready to make friends yet, so they growl and hiss. It’s actually pretty funny! Lily, our shy girl, is very interested in these new little babies, but she’s content watching them play from afar right now. “The twins” (as we’ve been calling them) love to sleep on my husband and I, and we are more than happy to be their pillows! Their human “grandmothers” have already been to see them, and of course…they’ve fallen in love with them as well! We’re so grateful we found these two little angels! We’ll forever be grateful that we took the chance to fill out that online application. Rest assured…these kitties are in a forever home that will treasure them always.”