Pip & Skippy

Pip and Skippy, now Rocket and Violet, are loving life with their family.  Their mom writes, “I saw this adorable couple on your website and it was love at first site.  We renamed them Violet and Rocket and the names really suit them. Violet is a bit shy until she gets to know you. Rocket is a happy little guy, full of energy, and everyone loves him. They do everything together. They curl up side by side on their bed, like the Yin and the Yang. The love running around the backyard and “fence fighting” with the neighbors’ dogs. They have worn a path along the fence. Every time they hear me putting on shoes, they think it’s time to go outside. They act like the backyard is Disney World and they never tire of going there. Because of Covid-19, we, like most everyone else, are home more than usual and they keep life interesting. We help homeschool our grandchildren while their parents work. Virtual learning is not much fun and playing with Violet and Rocket provides much needed entertainment.  Diane fostered the dogs. She and Heather were terrific at helping us get settled. We are very grateful to everyone at PetConnect Rescue for keeping these two together and allowing us to take them into our home.”