Princes is now called Izzy. Her new mom writes, “She is just a joy to have. Our family is in love with her and she gets along well with our Daisy Mae. Of course 12 year old Daisy is exhausted by the end of the day because she has not played this much in many years! It is amazing how well they play together. She loves everyone she meets and every dog too. I actually took her to the groomer today (Daisy goes there for baths sometimes), I wanted to get her a bath, nails and anal glands done. The groomer was amazed that she was a Chihuahua and wanted to keep her. She just raved about what a good dog she is and how well she gets along with the other dogs, etc. I knew she would be good because at night when I give my kids a bath she wants to jump right in- it is the funniest thing. She is doing well and already seems adapted to our house and household routine. I thought that my daughter would be the one to really play with her but my son also just adores her and just wants to play with her and hold her on his lap all the time. We are truly enjoying her. She is such a special addition to the family and I can’t believe how well it has all worked out. Thank you so much for introducing her to us- she is just a gem! “