Rolo, now Charlie, is one happy boy!  From his mom: “I thought you’d enjoy an update on Charlie (aka Rolo).  He is doing really well and fitting in quite nicely with the whole family.  We did have a trainer come work with us and he now walks much better on a leash, follows more commands, and has stopped overwhelming Trixie.  Charlie and Trixie actually play together every day (they also try to steal each other’s toys).  He does spend a few hours every day roaming the backyard looking for squirrels, chipmunks, birds, etc.  He is super-fast, so we really hope he doesn’t catch any critters. We really love having him as part of the family.  I’ve included a few pictures of him.  The first one is of him in is favorite upside down napping position.  The picture is Charlie and Todd enjoying the outdoor eating area at Bar Louie at One Loudoun.  Just wanted to give you all an update and say thanks again for rescuing and fostering him until we could find him.”