Rory is loving life with her new family!  Her dad writes, “On New Year’s day 2016, my wife and I had acquired a pure bred Welsh Terrier puppy which we named Rusty to replace our two beloved Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers that had recently died.  But we quickly realized that Rusty was so high energy that he needed another high energy dog for a playmate.  So, after searching the locally available dogs on rescue websites, we saw the description for Rory on the PetConnect Rescue website.  She appeared to be about the same size, age, and energy level as Rusty.  So we put in an application for Rory.  When she was brought to our house to meet Rusty, they seemed to instantly bond.  They ran and played almost continually.  There was no doubt that Rory was the right companion for Rusty.  So, one year to the day after we had acquired Rusty, Rory became his new adopted sister and playmate.  With Rusty as her companion, Rory adapted quickly to her new home.  When not wrestling with Rusty or running in our fenced backyard, she spends her days playing with his many toys.  In the evenings, after a hard day of playing, Rusty and Rory will lay beside me on the sectional couch in our family room while I watch Animal Planet on our big screen TV.  Rusty will bark at the animals he sees on the TV screen, while Rory will look at him and wonder why he is barking.”