Socks’ new mom writes: “I wanted to let you know that having Socks has been a joy. Don’t know how anyone could let such a sweet dog go. I’ve had absolutely no problems with her since day one. She and my other dog get along well, although she is a little bossy. She is an attention hound and when my dog Maggie comes to me for attention, she gives this very low but almost inaudible growl to say get away that’s my Mama. But Maggie pays no attention to her and comes to get her share of the lovin’. Socks is always at my side, following me from room to room and standing guard in the doorway of whatever room I’m in or lying at my feet in the kitchen. She loves being outside in the yard and trying to catch bees or whatever bug comes closest to her. She doesn’t seem to be as old as she’s reported to be when she’s running around in the yard or trying to get me to play here in the house. She’s just a delight.”