Tornado’s new family says, “Just wanted to give you a Tornado report. Be assured that he is just fine! The pairing has been other than we expected. Todo (until we come up with another name) loves to play with Wyatt but he and Cody really hit it off. Good for everybody! Good to see an old dog smile, too. We haven’t stopped laughing yet. He scaled the 3 ft indoor enclosure that I had put Wyatt and him in at bedtime, in 10 seconds or less, and came trotting in and confidently put himself on the bedroom sofa. Just as I thought he was settled, he sprang from the sofa arm to the bed, placing himself comfortably between us, and slept peacefully there all night. This is a dog who knows what he wants and how to get it! He literally hasn’t missed a beat, (except for taking a wide path around the cat), and is loving life especially in the yard. Every dog toy we have has been explored or destroyed and my house truly looks like a Tornado hit it. He is a welcome addition to our family and you can be sure he already feels like an integral part of our own “Comedy Central.” He has found his forever home, for sure. We are all very happy, even knowing we will continue to adjust to all his little surprises that he has in store for us and continue to plan for the unexpected!”