Our story is one of love at first sight.  I spotted Wyatt at the Black Hills Regional Park during a Strut Your Mutt event.  However, I wasn’t at the event to adopt a dog.  I was at the park by sheer coincidence and even ‘though I knew he was the dog for me, I didn’t stop to inquire about Wyatt when I had the opportunity.  After a sleepless night, a miracle occurred in which I was magically matched up with Tammy, his foster mom at Muddy Paws Farm in Mt. Airy.  A week later, our paths and hearts finally crossed.  Wyatt now makes his home in Germantown and has many new friends.  If you let him, Wyatt could play all day long with squeaky toys and put his Foxhound nose to use by smelling deliciousness in the outdoor world.  He is our first dog and my husband and I cannot believe our luck in finding such a sweet, loving, kind, and gentle animal.  We adore him, and are pretty sure he loves us too.  Thanks for helping to make our love connection.  We will be forever grateful to PetConnect Rescue.