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  • $5 FRIDAY! Today is Halloween and what a treat it would be if we could get Griff his new hips soon! So far, with your generosity, we've raised $1951.15. We have $3548.85 to go! Every dollar helps, so please, share this post! Donation Link: http://www.petconnectrescue.org/get-new-hips-for-griff/

    Critical Care Fund - Griff! - PetConnect Rescue
    HELP GET NEW HIPS FOR GRIFF! Just when life is getting good… A medical diagnosis can stop you in your tracks… Griff was only 11 months old when he and his mother, Harmony, were court mandated to enter a rural shelter in West Virginia, the result of a pending animal cruelty case. They patiently…

  • Photos of PetConnect Rescue
    We used our fireplace for the first time this year, and the smoke alarm went off. I was very pleased with the response time of our local fire brigade. Chief Cannon (formerly Teddy) was gracious enough to pose for a hero's photo. — with Karla Holloran.
  • While Halloween is fun for humans, it can be very stressful for your pets. The best advice we can offer is to keep your pets in a safe room, to ensure they can't slip out the door when trick or treaters come by. Also, most people know that chocolate is harmful to pets, but did you know that sugar-free candy is lethal? Please, keep your pets safe so it's an enjoyable day for all!

  • MARBLE NEEDS A FOSTER! She's a super sweet, 6 month old Golen/Lab mix. She's great with everyone & everything. If you can help, please email France at Fbognon@petconnectrescue.org. Please, share this post so she can come to the DC area on Saturday!

  • CUTENESS OVERLOAD! My name is Belinda, but I prefer Bell, because I look like a princess! I'm a 12 week old Border Collie mix and as sweet as I am cute! If I do say so myself, I am "puppy perfection!" If you'd like to make me part of your family, please visit www.petconnectrescue.org, where I'll be posted shortly!

  • SWEET FAMILY NEEDS A FOSTER! Margo and her 3 week old babies (6 pups) are in urgent need of a foster home! We want to get this family out of the shelter ASAP, since babies are more apt to get sick in the shelter -- especially with the weather getting colder. Because they won't be ready for adoption until they are 8 weeks old, we need at least a 5 week commitment from a foster. Margo is on the small side -- we're waiting on a weight from the shelter. If you can help this family, please email France at FBognon@petconnectrescue.org. Please share this post so we can get this family to a safe, loving foster home!

  • How about some cute, cuddly kittens to help warm you up in this chilly weather? Brother and sister duo, Bodie and Bryn, are two delightfully friendly, playful kitties who are looking for a home. Their purrs start before you even touch them, and they are oh-so-warm and soft on your lap. For more information on making these kitties part of your family, please visit www.petconnectrescue.org.

  • Check out Ziggy, adopted from PetConnect, in the Washingtonian!

    Photos of Washington's Cutest Pets
    We asked for your pet pics, and you sent us some great ones, including this shot of Tucker from Columbia Heights.
  • GO TEAM GRIFF! With your continued support, Griff will be sporting new hips in no time. Look how far we've come in 2 days! Thanks so much for your continued generosity. For more information on how you can help, as well as our donation link, please visit http://www.petconnectrescue.org/get-new-hips-for-griff/

  • CHASE NEEDS A FOSTER! Chase is a 3-4 yr old Beagle mix who is great with everyone...dogs, kids, even cats. He's a calm boy who walks well on leash. If you can help, please email Kim at KLarimer@petconnectrescue.org.

  • HAPPY NATIONAL CAT DAY! What better way to celebrate than by checking out our kitties that are available for adoption. http://www.petconnectrescue.org/adopt/adopt-a-cat/
    We'd love to see pictures of you & your kitty celebrating this special day!

  • MALLORY & HER SISTEER VALERIE ARE IN NEED OF FOSTERS! The sisters are 6 month old Aussie mixes. Both are great with other dogs, love everyone and even passed their cat test. If you can help with 1 or both, please email France at FBognon@petconnectrescue.org.

  • Everly, adopted last year, is getting lots of love in his new home. From his mom: "Just thought I'd share a pic of the two boys - both tired and snuggling up in front of the tv- loving on each other tonight. Everly was exhausted from daycare. Makes my heart happy!"

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One of our new arrivals from the Pilots for Paws event on September 27th!
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Muddy Paws Farm – A Rescue Center for Dogs in Mt. Airy, MD


Visit us during events and volunteer opportunities…

Muddy Paws Farm is PetConnect Rescue’s refuge for homeless dogs on their path to new, loving forever homes. This transitional residence is a beautiful 5 acre property located in Mt Airy, MD. The facility has been in operation since 2010 and is currently a way station for some of our dogs arriving from shelters. A resident caretaker oversees the home, the property, and care of the dogs, essentially creating a hybrid between a temporary shelter and large, loving foster home situation.

In addition to giving animals a temporary home, Muddy Paws serves as a site for adoption and fundraising events, as well as small community gatherings. It is also a location for volunteers to interact directly with our rescued dogs and learn new training and socialization techniques. Donated items such as leashes, collars, food, bedding and crates are kept here, giving adoption coordinators and foster families a centralized location for obtaining supplies.

We are excited about the volunteer opportunities at Muddy Paws. We invite and encourage our wonderful volunteers to consider committing to a regular schedule, such as once a week or twice a month visits.

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