Gorgeous Fluff chose his new mom at an adoption event in Rockville. His new mom, an experienced and loving cat person, picked him up and he immediately relaxed in her arms like a sleeping baby. He was so excited to go home with her, in fact, that when she later picked him up from his foster home, Fluff walked right into her carrier. Cats do pick their people and this was a definite “match!” Fluff is now living happily in Rockville, MD. Just after Christmas, Fluff wrote to us: “I just wanted to drop you a line (actually mom is typing for me – couldn’t get the key thing down) to let you know how I am doing. My new home has a lot of fun things in it and not just toys. I get to run up and downstairs all day if I want to. I love to jump up on the counters, but mom always makes me get down. I just don’t get what all of the fuss is about. I also have a fireplace with funny logs that I can lay next to. But the best thing about my new home is all of the windows and the tree outside! I can’t wait for spring. Mom says that there are a lot of birdies! Yeah! I’m still making friends with the furry white cat (mom calls her the Empress of Furdom, but she told me her name is Pearl). She can be a bit fussy at times. I also have a new name – Simon. I’m sort of glad mom gave me a new name – Fluff is for babies and I’m a big boy (all 10.5 lbs) now. I haven’t told mom yet, but I’m keeping it as my middle name. I just wanted to say thank you for all the care you gave me. I don’t know if I would have made it if you didn’t. Happy Holidays Simon (aka Fluff)”