Gibbs’ new mom writes: “We welcomed Gibbs with open arms in our household. Our three kids had been asking for a pet for over a year when I began our search. We looked and fell in love with several puppies, but for one reason or another it wasn’t to be until our Gibbs. When we went to see him, he played with everyone in our family…his future 3 year old human brother, 14 year old human sister, 16 year old human brother, new daddy and mommy and that was it! We enjoyed our visit so much, that I didn’t dare take the chance to lose this adorable little guy. Gibbs loves to play at the dog park with his dog friends . He is currently in a puppy training course, and since he is very smart, is picking up new manners rather quickly. It’s either that or the chicken treats he gets for being a good boy! We are so lucky to have Gibbs with our family, thank you PetConnect Rescue for saving our dog.”